Tuesday, September 27, 2005

'Serenity' now for sci-fi fans - Yahoo! News

Ok, I never watched Firefly when it first aired. Number one: bad night, number two: early buzz that they were treating Joss' show like shit. Playing episodes out of order? C'mon - you just can't do that to a show that carries a strong b-plot throughout. Throws off the entire mythology and storyline in general. Anyway, I have been watching the reruns on Sci-Fi, in order, and I've really enjoyed them. Looking forward to seeing "Serenity" in the theaters and becoming a certified browncoat...

From Yahoo! News: ...Whedon didn't let a little thing like a cancellation discourage him. Thanks to "Firefly" DVD sales that exceeded 200,000 units, he got the green light to write and direct the $40 million "Serenity" (named after the creaky ship in "Firefly" that traverses space).

Yes, once you get the sci-fi True Believers on your side, all things are possible, Whedon understands.

"We have a much broader base than just sci-fi people," he says. "That's what I found in our screenings so far. They're a diverse group, fairly well-adjusted socially, and I expect that a lot of them are even having sex. I really think the line between geeks and the rest of the world is blurring."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Update time!

Hi - Wow. Work has been very busy, end of summer vacations, and a yard sale. They took my time away from the blog. But, well, the blog was turning into a formatting mess honestly. So, I'm starting with a fresh look and updating the whole works. Thanks for checking me out - I'll be up and running again quite soon. Go Sox! Go Pats! September is here!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blobbdee-blobb first post: Robertson calls for assassination...

My wife has joined the land of bloggers! Welcome her with open arms and read Post#1:


The Onion | Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

The Onion | Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory: "'Traditional scientists admit that they cannot explain how gravitation is supposed to work,' Carson said. 'What the gravity-agenda scientists need to realize is that 'gravity waves' and 'gravitons' are just secular words for 'God can do whatever He wants.''"

ABC's Lost cast gives their own island theories.

The Fall Season is fast approaching! Here are some amusing takes on the Lost mysteries, revealed during the Season One DVD release party, to tide you over for a couple more weeks:

ComingSoon.net caught up with the stars of the popular ABC TV series on the red carpet (actually, a straw carpet) and asked each what their favorite theory is that they have either read or heard about the mystery of the island. It became obvious that the cast doesn't know where the story is going, but that didn't stop a few of them from giving their own theories as well. Read them here!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Yeah, well, F-you-too buddy. Ice hockey is back!

TOKYO - Yutaka Fukufuji is ready to ride the buses in hockey's backwaters a few more years if that's what it takes to make the NHL. The Japanese goaltender signed a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings this month and will attend a rookie camp next month.

Japanese Goalie Signs Deal With Kings - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Television Without Pity � The 2004-2005 Tubey Awards

Best Hell Yeah! Moment of the 2004-2005 Season

Crossfire - Jon Stewart bitch slaps Tucker Carlson on his own show

Biggest WTF Moment of the 2004-2005 Season

Alias - I am not Michael Vaughn

Worst Network Meddlers of the 2004-2005 Season


Best Performance by an Inanimate Object in the 2004-2005 Season

The God Machine (The Daily Show)

For the full awards "coverage" check out the TWOP Mondo Extras!

RoomWhy does the Washington Post hate America? Tim Grieve

Middle of August, 2005, so naturally 9/11 "celebrations" are ramping up. First off, why are we having parties on this anniversary? Second, I can't believe we are still linking the events of 9/11 to the current war in Iraq. The hell? I thought we had cleared up that whole business of false links to Saddam and 9/11 hijackers? Oh, right, I forgot - the Bush administration never admits their errors. (Side note: Gas prices here in the Bay State are now up to $2.50/gallon, so I guess that whole oil in Iraq payoff isn't exactly coming through either...) Anyway, here is a interesting brief from Tim Grieve at Salon.com...

Salon.com - War Room:

We told you last week about the Pentagon's plans for a big 9/11 party. We thought, and we think, that the event -- which will feature an America Supports You Freedom Walk and a country music concert headlined by Clint 'I Raq and Roll' Black -- is an oddly celebratory way to mark the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks and a shameful attempt to link them, yet again, with the president's war in Iraq. But we failed to mention what might be the weirdest thing about the whole deal: The event's sponsors include not just the Stars and Stripes newspaper, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Lockheed Martin and a few local TV stations, but ... the Washington Post.

Or at least they did. As Editor & Publisher reports, the Post came to its senses last night and announced that it is pulling out of the Pentagon's party plan. In a fine bit of understatement, a Post spokesman said that it 'appears that this event could become politicized,' and that the paper will therefore commemorate 9/11 by making a contribution to the Pentagon Memorial Fund instead.

The move came after the Post heard complaints from readers, bloggers and some of its own employees. As E&P explains, leaders of the Newspaper Guild at the paper passed a resolution Monday noting that the Post's 'news employees are subject to disciplinary action for participating in political activities that may be perceived as revelatory of personal opinions or bias' and asking that the Post hold itself to the same standard. 'The Guild supports the Post's stated intention of honoring the nation's veterans, including those who have served in Iraq,' the resolution said. 'But the Post undermines this goal by lending its support to a politic"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Battlestar Galactica: Season Two Marathon!

Have you been watching? I told you to watch. Sigh. Why won't you listen to me? Ok, I'll go over it again - BSG is simply the finest Sci-Fi I've ever seen on television. Yes, I'm even going so far as to put it over and above Star Trek TNG. Really.

First off, it is nothing like the campy original. The names are the same, the premise is similar. However, the intent of the producers it to make the show seem as real-world as possible. Not only are the ships, the weapons, the technology apparently from our own not-to-distant future, the characters themselves are us. The "heroes" make difficult decisions, sometimes good, sometimes really bad. From week to week you can't decide if you love them or hate them. They bleed. They get hurt and are down for episodes at a time. They try to do the right thing and/or save their own skin.

It is much more for the character interaction than the sci-fi technology that has viewers tuning in week from week. Further, the character interaction would be nothing without a decent plot. Here we have mysteries: what is the plan of the Cylons (who appear both in humanoid and robot forms), who is better to lead the survivors to Caprica - the military or the President who believes herself a prophet, who among the characters is a actually a Cylon in disguise, what is the fate of other survivors on planets and in space? Within this show some mysteries are answered, but most are left out there, for viewers to debate about - as fiercely as they debate the political context of the series itself. Make no mistakes - along with everything else, the show is designed to reflect our current real-world climate, without specifically condemning one side or another.

Season One had the initial destruction of Caprica, the realization that Cylons look human, the fleet of survivors circling around the Galactica on the run. A power struggle between Commander Adama of the BSG and President Roslin of the Colony. The adventures of the Commander's son, Apollo and his friend and fellow Viper pilot Starbuck. The struggle of Dr. Baltar and they Cylon consciousness in his head, Number 6. As Season Two kicked off, we had soldiers stranded on the lost world of Kobol - supposedly the key to finding Earth. An assassination attempt on Adama, while the allegiance of the fleet (including the sides chosen by Apollo and Starbuck) was being torn between him and Roslin. The first few episodes managed to surprise me in the pacing, excitement and drama that, as good as Season One was, seemed to lack. They have ramped things up and it is exciting.

The good news? You can catch up with Season Two tomorrow night on SciFi. Check you local listings and get on the BSG bandwagon!

From SciFi.com: If you've missed any of the first five episodes of Season Two, don't miss the Battlestar Galactica Marathon, starting at 7/6C on Tuesday, August 16.


Wonder if this will do me any good? Hmmm....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dar Williams - New Album hits September 13th

In an ealier post I mentioned that the Newport Folk Festival lacked Dar Williams. Well, as if in answer, I just found out about her new album. It includes a number of covers, original songs and guests including Ani DiFranco (covering Comfortably Numb), Marshall Crenshaw and Patty Larkin.

Check out her site for more info!

Dar Williams

Woodward: Cheney to run in '08

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, man. Are you kidding me? Either the Republicans have lost their collective minds or Woodward is just plain making shit up. Can you just image Cheney on the campaign trail?

DenverPost.com - LOCAL NEWS

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